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You can't be hopeless, without a little hope.

I'm the hopeless one.

4 February 1987
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it's my life...
don't u forget!

i'm a kind of girl who likes long walks on the beach and rolling in the hay...

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The WeatherPixie

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I need your love

Smile like you mean it

I just hope you're feelin how, much love I have for you

You are a dream

he said "just die" then i left...

"And though it's our last night,
let's make it a lifetime before the sun comes up again.
I know this is goodbye.
I promise I won't cry if you promise you won't forget."

We were just in time.
Let me take a little more off your mind.
There's something in my head
Somewhere in the back sayin'
We were just a good thing
We were such a good thing.
Make it go away without a word
But promise me you'll stay and fix these things i've hurt.
Make it go away.
Drive faster, boy.

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If you can keep a secret.
I can keep a secret.

CRUNKnDIS0RDERLY: lol.. sometimes i go on the other side of the road and pretend im in england

All kids are gifted; some just open their packages earlier than others.

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